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Biological industry is listed as one of the seven national strategic emerging industries, including bio-agriculture, to focus on the development of biological breeding industry. The State Council on the issuance of "thirteen" national science and technology innovation planning notice that the development of efficient safe ecological modern agricultural technology, biological breeding research and development to crops, livestock and poultry aquaculture and fruit and flowers as the focus, breakthrough germplasm resources mining, engineering Breeding, new varieties creation, scale test, seed breeding, seed processing and other core key technologies, the development of animal and plant group-based design and breeding of key technologies
Main Forum: Innovation and Challenges in Agrobiological Breeding Technology
1、Status and prospects of agricultural biological breeding technology
2、Environment and economy of agrobiological breeding technology
3、Basic research and application of agricultural biological breeding technology
4、Research and Challenges of Agricultural Biological Breeding Technology Security
5、Application and research of new technologies in agricultural biology breeding
Topic One: Plant biological breeding technology
1、The prospects of plant biotechnology industrialization
2、Plant growth and development and signal transduction
3、Plant resistance gene research and application (insect resistance, disease resistance, salt resistance, cold resistance and herbicide resistance gene)
4、Plant genomics related fields of practical technology
5、Plant genetic resources and new gene discovery techniques
6、Plant biotechnology and biosecurity
7、Plant molecular breeding and conventional breeding combination strategy
8、Advances in Plant Proteomics
Topic Two: Crop biological breeding technology
1、Application of Biotechnology in Crop Breeding
2、Modern crop molecular genetics and breeding technology and application
3、Crop genetic transformation, genetic improvement of new technologies
4、Crop Breeding Safety Evaluation and Detection Technology Research
5、Crops transgenic breeding techniques
6、New molecular tools and techniques for crop breeding
7、Research on Safety Detection Technology of Crop Biology Breeding
8、molecular and transgenic new crop breeding applications
9、Crop genetic and germplasm innovation new technology research and development application
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